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Name: Rob Muzzio
Sport: Track & Field
Event: Decathlon

Major Accomplishments:

Olympian, 5th in the Decathlon at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain

Only Decathlete in NCAA history to win back to back NCAA Division I Decathlon Titles

First Decathlete in US history to make 3 World Championship Teams

11 scores over 8000 points

Captain of the VISA Decathlon Team for 5 years (team included Dan O'Brien, Dave Johnson, Steve Fritz, Chris Huffins, Ricky Barker, Drew Fucci, Kip Janvrin, Aric Long and more...)

Personal Records:

Decathlon: 8237 points
100m 10.86 Auto
Long Jump 23' 8 1/2"
Shot Put 55' 9 1/2"
High Jump 6' 8 1/4"
400m 48.68 Auto
110m High Hurdles 14.45 Auto
Discus 170'
Pole Vault 16' 9"
Javelin 211' 7"
1500m 4:23.64

Rob retired in 1996 after 15 years of Decathlon competition. He has dedicated himself to asthma education and helping other athletes reach their goals and dreams through Speed & Fitness, Inc. Rob's success story has to do with his competition in the 100 meter dash. He ran his previous personal best of 10.88 in 1987. Soon after running that time he, tore his patela tendon and, had to have open knee surgery to repair it. In the years of 1989-1993 Rob was unable to break 11.0 in the 100m. In 1993, Rob and his coach (Greg Petrosian a.k.a. Coach P.) started to to work on one of Coach P.'s ideas to maximize a sprinters potential. They found that there were many training devices for the lower body, but none to strengthen the upper body through the running motion with proper upper body running technique. They began trying to construct a training device to maximize a runner's upper body strength. They believed that "if your upper body can't keep up with your lower body, then you will not reach your peak speed". They also believed that you must train with sports specific movements to gain the maximum effectiveness from your workouts. With these two ideas in mind they invented ARMPOWER+. After Rob used ARMPOWER+ (and its proto types) for 1 year, he ran the 100m dash in 10.86 Auto in 1994. Rob credits ARMPOWER+ for helping him to achieve that personal record. "We were so excited about it (ARMPOWER+) that we gave it a name and decided to make it so other athletes could set their personal records, too".

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